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In January 2002, Dave and Marilyn Sabold sold the Gardner Gardens retail nursery to Dan Kirkmire, who changed the name to Wild Hearts Nursery. The Sabolds had built the nursery over a 26-year period, offering hardy and inexpensive flowers, shrubs, and trees to the community.

The Sabolds retained the Gardner Gardens name for the skincream and beekeeping operations, and for growing plants. They enjoy having more time for growing garlic and a large community garden. Dave volunteers his time to the Methow Conservancy. Marilyn paints watercolors and does handbuilt pottery. They now get to play and travel more.

The skincream and beekeeping operations...

Beeswax Skincream is made using
all natural ingredients: beeswax, almond
& coconut oils, vitamin E, & propolis*.

We have two different skin cream options:

The Regular (softer) version
Preferred by most customers for ease of applying.

Original (harder) version
Preferred by deep tissue massage therapists for its balance of glide and friction. Both formulations contain the exact same ingredients but in different proportions. Both versions are priced the same.

*Propolis is a resinous substance collected by worker honey bees from the leaf buds of cottonwood trees in the spring. The bees pack the propolis on their hind legs, and carry it back to their colony, where it is used by worker or "hive" bees as a sealant and sterilant in the colony nest. The antibacterial and antifungal effects of propolis protect the colony against disease.


Bees building honeycomb




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